Section 172 Statement


Abbey Developments Ltd strategy is designed to deliver long term value for its shareholders.

Business Model

Our aim is to drive growth and we employ a business model that balances the demands of our main customers with the principal risks and uncertainties faced by the businesses in which we are engaged.

Shareholder Relations

The Company places a high level of importance on communicating with its shareholder and welcomes and encourages a two- way communication with its shareholder.

Regular communication occurs between representatives of the Company and its investor. The views of the investor is regularly communicated to the Board.

Shareholder relations are managed primarily by the Company Secretary.

Stakeholders and Social Responsibility

The Board recognises that the long-term success of the Company relies upon good relations with its various stakeholders (including suppliers, subcontractors and customers).

The Board periodically reviews its stakeholder strategy and action plan and thereby updates its analysis of its stakeholders and their interests and assesses how their needs and expectations are being managed.

Feedback is recognised as an important part of the shareholder strategy and the Board reviews feedback and decides how to address it.


We are fully committed to operating ethically and responsibly in relation to employees, customers, neighbours and all other stakeholders.


The Board together with the directors, thank the management and staff for their hard work and efforts during the year.

The average number of employees during the year is 73.

Disabled Employees

The Company gives every consideration to applications for employment from disabled persons where the requirements of the job may be adequately fulfilled by a handicapped or disabled person.

Where existing employees become disabled, it is the Company policy wherever practicable to provide continuing employment under normal terms and conditions and to provide training and career development and promotion wherever appropriate.

Employee involvement

The continuing Company policy with regard to employee consultation and involvement is that there should be effective communication with all employees, who subject to practical and commercial considerations, should be consulted on and involved in decisions that affect their current jobs and future prospects. The achievement of this policy has to be treated flexibly in accordance with the varying circumstances and need in the Company but, in all cases, the emphasis is on communication at the local level. Details of the Company’s financial results are circulated each half year and full year when Abbey plc’s results are issued and regular staff meetings are also held to discuss various aspects of the Company’s business.

Health and Safety

The Group pays particular adherence to health and safety matters. The Company has implemented appropriate safely.


The Company pays particular adherence to applicable environmental legislation and requests that our employees and subcontractors are aware of their responsibilities in this regard. The Company supports various charities and local events.