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New home or Second-hand? Helping you make the best decision

2nd July 2021

A new or a pre-loved home? This is perhaps one of the biggest decisions for a prospective buyer. Whilst there is no straightforward answer, acquiring a newly built house or apartment does bring significant advantages. We break down just some of the reasons why living in a new home might just be the best choice for you:


One of the most exciting reasons to choose a brand-new home is being able to customise it to your liking. Most new homes are decorated with a neutral colour palette, fixtures and fittings, providing considerable scope for personalisation. To achieve the same result in a second-hand property can often require a complete overhaul of the previous owner’s tastes and quirks. New build homes usually benefit from better building controls and regulations – particularly when compared to pre-1980s houses too.

In addition, many developers offer the choice of kitchen cabinets, wall colours or flooring if you buy a property before it’s finished – in the trade it’s known as reserving off-plan. Get in early to choose your dream interiors though, as there will be a cut-off date!


Building a new build home can often bring financial incentives. For first-time buyers, entering the housing market can often feel overwhelming. This process is made easier with the support of government initiatives, which apply exclusively to new builds – the Help to Buy scheme is one such example. For those acquiring their first property, homeowners receive a loan of up to 20% of the purchase price (which is subject to regional price caps). You only need a deposit of five per cent, and to raise a mortgage for the remaining 75%.

A new home will often come complete with a range of fixtures, fittings and finishing touches which you might otherwise need to pay for separately. This might include anything from carpets and flooring through to appliances such as washer/dryers and dishwashers.

In addition, developers often offer their own financial incentives. At Abbey’s schemes, we offer a range of incentives, from help paying your solicitor’s fees to furniture vouchers – talk to our sales team to find out more about what is currently available across our developments.

Energy efficient

New homes tend to be much more energy-efficient than most second-hand homes. This significantly reduces monthly running costs, as a poorly insulated property will result in much higher energy bills.

Older properties incur additional maintenance costs as a result of ageing infrastructure while in contrast, new properties will have long-term warranties in place that insure you for structural repairs.


In a hot market, being chain-free can make things much simpler for both buyer and seller. If you are buying a new home as a first-time buyer, they’ll be no one trying to move either below or above you. This mitigates the often-agonising wait to exchange contracts.

In addition, buying from a reputable developer removes any chance of being outbid or gazumped. Even if you secure a second-hand home, there is always a chance of your seller abruptly changing their mind (especially disastrous if you’ve already spent thousands on fees) right up until you exchange – which can take months. Once you reserve a new-build home, it is yours and the pressure is off.

If you’d like to find out more about how Abbey can help you onto the ladder, get in touch!