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Inspiration & Trends: Styles, colours, finishes and themes that don’t break the bank

23rd November 2023

We’re back with the latest edition of the Edward Thomas Interiors social series, keeping you up to date with the newest trends, tips, and tricks in interior design.

Money is tighter for everyone at the minute, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your home your own, so this this month we’re exploring how to create bespoke interiors on a budget.

Open-plan living areas have been in vogue in housebuilding for a while now, and whilst they provide plenty of space to breath and imprint your own flow on your space, splitting up the space into different areas can lead to expensive dividers and storage units. Rather than find yourself out of pocket with bulky furniture, why not utilise colour blocking to divide your space into defined focused areas that separates your rooms whilst leaving you plenty of room to move.

Do you have furniture hugging the wall, taking up precious floorspace whilst only serving one purpose? Well why not think vertically, utilising wall space to incorporate multi-functional furniture that doesn’t break the bank, nor the flow of your living room. Here we’ve attached some shelving units to the wall, creating a stylish sideboard that both shows off those knick-knacks you love, whilst hiding the clutter you don’t.

Whilst re-designing your space, there’s no need to throw the frame with the picture! You can take any piece of old furniture or what you may think of as old rubbish and with a little upcycling turn into a new statement piece. For example, an old picture frame with some additional pieces of wood, a sand and polish, or with a coat of paint, can become a wall mounted shelf that lets you see your home through new eyes. Or take those old corks, some glue and a mount and you can create a shabby chic side table that holds your latest glass of vino. With upcycling, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination, with little worry of cost!

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