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How new build homes reduce your bills and carbon footprint

28th February 2023

Almost 20% of the UK’s carbon emissions in 2021 came from the residential sector – that is people living and working at home. It’s well documented that retrofitting our existing housing stock is going to be crucial in reducing the carbon emitted by our homes. However, the new homes market has genuine reasons for prospective buyers to consider our products.

According to ‘Watt a Save’, a recent research report conducted by the Home Builders Federation, new build homes emit 66% less carbon than older properties. In terms of cost savings, the average energy annual costs of energy in new build properties averages out at £1,500, meaning that, when energy prices increase again on April 1 2023, new build homes will save you over £3,100 each year compared to older properties.

The major reason behind this is that new build properties are built to higher standards than older ones – they’re constructed using more energy efficient materials, such as double- and triple-glazing windows and fabric that improves thermal efficiency and air tightness, meaning less heat escapes the home. Alongside this, green technologies such as air source heat pumps, solar panels, and electric vehicle charging points are increasingly being installed in new build homes.

We won’t drill down into the nitty gritty of building regulations, but it’s useful for prospective homebuyers to know that there was a progressive change to Part L of the building regulations. What this means is that new build homes will bring even higher standards to our already energy efficient homes and offer our customers further savings in their energy bills.

The volatility with the energy markets looks like it is with us for the foreseeable future and uncertainty remains as to what happens once the energy price cap on bills is lifted and, as costs rise, so will the savings that new builds can offer.

An Abbey New Homes property provides all the benefits that new build homes have to offer. We install solar panels wherever possible and work to the very latest building regulations helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint, such as providing electric vehicle charging points.

This is good news for prospective homebuyers as mortgage lenders are increasingly offering ‘green mortgages’ with favourable rates for people buying more energy-efficient homes. In fact, according to Moneyfacts, 535 of the 3,643 homes loans currently on the market are green mortgages – the highest in history. Furthermore, many of the major lenders offer green mortgages on new build homes with a Predicted Energy Assessment (PEA) rating of ‘B’ or above – most of our homes are either A or B PEA rated.

So, if you’re thinking about buying your first home or moving house, make sure to consider the long-term benefits that a new build can provide – they’re the most financially and sustainably sound option.

To find out more about the homes we have available, take a look at our developments and don’t forget to ask about how the Abbey Saving Solution scheme can help you!